“We run a small fabricating business in the northern suburbs and Trading Metals supply us with a 4 cubic metre bin at no cost. On top of this they pay us good money for our scrap when they pick it up. We highly recommend them to all small businesses”.

Joe and Irene Pickering - Elizabeth, SA

“I cleaned my shed and was going to dump the scrap at the tip. A friend told me to take it to Trading Metals. It was great advice. Instead of paying $40 to dump it, Trading Metals paid me $150. Everyone should do the same.”

Henry Schmidt - Salisbury East, SA

“I took a boot load of scrap to Trading Metals in my Mazda 323 and they were great. They helped me unload it and paid me more than I was expecting for it. The whole process only took 10 minutes. I was very impresed with the employees.”

Laura Lexington - Toorak Gardens, SA

“All I know is that Trading Metals gave me cash for junk! I’ll always go back there.”

Connie Granada - Pasadena, SA