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Scrap Metal Recyclers in Adelaide

Welcome to Trading Metals

Scrap Metal Adelaide, South Australia. Trading Metals buy, recycle and sell scrap metal and pay top prices for copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, pvc cable, batteries, steel, bronze, tin and anything metallic.

Our yard is easy to get to and access and is only 20 minutes north-west of the Adelaide CBD, at Gillman. We pay cash for scrap and pride ourselves on paying the highest price for scrap metal in Adelaide.

Our service to Industry and small business is second to none and we have hundreds of bins of all sizes that are in service and available around South Australia.

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Remember: : “It pays to recycle”

The most trustworthy scrap metal recycler in Adelaide

Trading Metals is a leading scrap metal recycler in Australia. Get paid for getting rid of your old scrap metal!

We take your old metal

We buy, recycle and sell scrap metal in Adelaide, paying top prices for all kinds of metal. Don’t throw away your unwanted scrap. Instead, turn it into cash. You can bring it to us, or we can pick it up from your business at no charge. We buy:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • PVC Copper Cable
  • Batteries
  • CAT Converters

We also take anything else metallic that you may have around your home. Don’t send it to the landfill if you have old metal lying around. Get cash for it.

Get your bins

Scrap metal recycling in Adelaide can be quite simple. We have bins of all different sizes for your convenience. We’ll supply free bins to all industrial or commercial spaces — tuck our bins in a corner and toss in the scraps. Get paid to recycle that old scrap.

Items included in our Adelaide scrap metal collection

When we think of scrap metal, we think of old metal poles or rebar starting to rust. That is scrap metal, but there’s so much more to it than that. Trading Metals also buys parts from broken appliances, wires, metal chairs, roofing iron, old plumbing and even parts from old cars.

After finding and collecting all your metal scrap, you can get it to us, your number 1 scrap metal recycler in Adelaide. Don’t throw it away! You’re tossing away money! Give us a call, and let us take it off your hands.

Here’s why you should recycle scrap metal in Adelaide

Recycling is important because it has a big impact on the environment and the future of our planet. Recycling decreases air pollution, waste and water pollution and helps save energy. Overall, scrap metal recycling helps reduce consumer waste.

Scrap metal recycling in Adelaide is popular with many businesses, including plumbers, demolition crews, shipbuilders, metalworking factories and electricians. It gives clients a positive image of your business while financially benefiting them.

Businesses turn in aluminium, copper, brass, iron, bronze, stainless steel and steel, getting cash for the metal we buy.

Here’s what happens to your recycled metal

Scrap metal recyclers in Adelaide bring the metal into our facilities** and we process it into an export quality. We compact the metal and purify it to eliminate impurities.

The metal is then sold to manufacturers who create new products using recycled metals. This process saves huge amounts of energy, and the new product does not have to be mined. This keeps rubbish and waste out of landfills, reducing the cost of its collection.

And since, at Trading Metals, we earn revenue selling the scrap metal to manufacturers, we, in turn, buy your metal from you! You earn cash by selling your scrap metal to us!

Why work with Trading Metals?

Trading Metals is locally owned and has been in business since 2001. We have earned a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, and we work hard to keep this reputation. Learn more about us!

Trading Metals is environmentally friendly

We are in the recycling business, so we know better than most that almost everything can be reused in some way. Pots and pans, computers, car batteries and more. We break down these items, pulling every scrap of metal from them. It’s our job to make sure it gets recycled properly to protect our planet’s future.

Not only do we recycle your products, we practise what we preach and have our systems in place to ensure we are avidly recycling everything we can.

We believe in amazing customer service

We work hard to make everything as customer-friendly as possible, from getting a bin to picking up your metal. We even make weighing your product and payment easy for you! Our team works hard each day to ensure we are doing right by our customers. We promise a 24-hour turnaround for changing over bins.

We work with everyone

Some scrap metal recyclers in Adelaide cater only to a certain customer base. We believe everyone, from individual homeowners to small businesses to large corporations, has the right to recycle their scrap metal. We have the equipment to handle any amount of metal, and we always pay the highest prices for scrap metal in Adelaide, whether you bring us 10 tonnes or just the copper tubing from your home renovation!

Contact us now to get started!

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