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Turn your scrap steel into cash! At Trading Metals, we buy and recycle all grades of steel scrap at competitive prices. We can pick up your scrap metals from your home or business or you can bring it directly to our yard at Gillman.

Don’t let your scrap metals pile up! We offer industrial bins in all sizes at no extra cost, so you can easily dispose of scrap steel. Fill up the bin and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our yard is just a quick 20-minute drive northwest of the Adelaide CBD at Gillman. We’re known for paying the highest price for scrap metal in Adelaide. We take unwanted scrap off your hands and always pay in cash!

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Types of steel we buy

At Trading Metals, we’re happy to buy all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including steel in all shapes, sizes and weights.

Dirty light gauge steel

We buy household appliances, including freezers, fridges, stoves, dishwashers and dryers.

Car parts

We purchase both individual parts and complete cars. If you have car parts such as rims, engines, radiators, batteries or catalytic converters lying around, we’ll be happy to get them off your hands.

Clean light gauge steel

This includes various materials such as galvanised sheet, painted or coated metals, whole machinery and equipment containing other metal, as long as steel is the main content. We also accept roofing iron and sheets, which can be recycled and repurposed into new products.

Structural steel

Do you have any heavy, oversized steel from major construction sites or industrial projects you need to get rid of? We buy all types of steel, including I-beams and channel and structural steel, from demolition projects.

Get rid of unwanted metal items

Instead of letting steel scrap waste in a landfill for decades, sell them to us!

Trading Metals works with homeowners, shipbuilders, electricians, plumbers and construction and demolition companies, helping them get rid of unwanted metal items.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to process and prepare scrap metal so it can be reused to make new products. Besides earning cash, you’ll also help reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

To learn more about the recycling process, check out our FAQs page.

Other metals we buy

  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Aluminium cuttings, sheet and plate
  • Aluminium castings
  • Aluminium lithographic plates
  • Aluminium wire — clean and ACSR steel reinforced
  • Aluminium — dirty, iron contaminated
  • Batteries — car and truck brass including all grades
  • Brass turnings
  • Brass — dirty, iron contaminated
  • Aluminium and Manganese bronze
  • Bronze turnings
  • Catalytic converters
  • Copper tube or bar, clean, painted or tinned
  • Copper wire
  • Copper — dirty, iron contaminated
  • Household-size electric motors
  • Electric motors — industrial, welders, AC and DC
  • Electric motors — mining generators, fridge motors and condensers
  • Gunmetal
  • Gunmetal turnings
  • Lead — sheet, pipe, ingot, wheel weights
  • Nickel 
  • PVC cables — copper core and aluminium core
  • Armoured PVC cables 
  • High grade industrial PVC cables
  • Underground PVC cables
  • PVC cables — communication, data and drop-wire
  • Radiators — copper, aluminium, and copper and aluminium
  • All types of tin
  • Transformers — aluminium and copper cores
  • Tungsten drill bits
  • Zinc — diecast, shoe moulds, castings and turnings
  • Zinc — dirty, iron contaminated
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Find the best deals for scrap steel with Trading Metals

At Trading Metals, we consider various factors, including volume, weight and location of the steel scrap, to give you the best possible deal. We always strive to offer top prices and ensure your scrap metal is recycled responsibly and sustainably.

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