Scrap Metal Bin Collection

Dealing with scrap metal is challenging when you don’t have the right equipment. Whether you’re a private resident, a hard-working tradie or a business owner, scrap metal is large, heavy and difficult to deal with. If you want to get rid of scrap metal safely and efficiently, a scrap metal bin is absolutely integral.

At Trading Metals, we have scrap metal collection bins for all applications. We provide multi-site support for skip bins, roll-on, roll-off bins and forklift bins, and we work with a huge variety of metal items and materials. We offer a convenient drop-off and pick-up service, and we arrive on-site promptly without disrupting your business.

Scrap metal collection bins delivered free-of-charge

If you’re looking for a proven delivery and collection service, Trading Metals has the solution. We deliver scrap metal collection bins directly to your address, and we leave them with you to fill up in your own time. We supply all bins free of charge, and we do changeovers at no cost whenever they’re needed. In addition, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time.

Whether you’re doing a household renovation or clearing up your warehouse, a scrap metal bin gives you somewhere safe to store unwanted metal items. Scrap metal collection offers numerous benefits, from tidying up your space and boosting workplace safety to earning you some money along the way.

We supply the following scrap metal bins:

Skip bins

Skip bins are ideal for any project that involves relatively small and heavy metal materials. If you have too much scrap to transport in your own vehicle, a skip bin is a perfect solution. At Trading Metals, we have hundreds of skip bins of all sizes and capacities. Our bins are in service across South Australia, and we offer drop-off and pick-up from any address.

Skip bins are used by:

  • Builders and tradespeople
  • Office and hospitality fit-outs
  • Private household renovations
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • Farms and agricultural operations
  • Small to medium-scale commercial ventures

The following scrap metal items are ideal for skip bins:

  • Construction and sheet metal collections
  • Copper used in construction, electrical and plumbing
  • Scrap industrial and commercial machinery
  • Household white goods and garage cleanups
  • Batteries and other electrical items
  • Steel machine punchings and turnings
  • Heavy gauge steel plates and off-cuts
  • Large quantities of hardware

From household items to construction materials and manufacturing scrap, our skip bins are ideal for all types of jobs. There are some items that can’t go in skip bins, however, including gas bottles and vessels that contain food, medical or chemical waste. Please contact our team to book a bin or find out more.

Roll-on roll-off bins

Roll-on roll-off bins are perfect for large commercial projects or anyone who needs to remove bulkier metal items. These bins are transported to your site via truck and feature a swinging door at one end for easy waste disposal. At Trading Metals, we have roll-on roll-off bins in a variety of sizes, with drop-off and pick-up locations based on site accessibility.

Roll-on roll-off bins are used by:

  • Builders and construction sites
  • New property developments
  • Demolition and waste projects
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • Farms and agricultural operations
  • Large-scale commercial ventures

The following scrap metal items are ideal for roll-on roll-off bins:

  • Construction materials, including light gauge steel
  • Sheet metal and corrugated iron sheeting
  • Commercial white good collections
  • Reinforcing steel and skeleton plates
  • Scrap industrial and commercial machinery
  • Pallet racking and store shelving
  • Steel and aluminium wheels
  • Automobile parts, including motors and radiators

From construction materials and manufacturing to car parts and demolition waste, our roll-on roll-off bins are ideal for bulky and cumbersome metal items. However, some things can’t be placed in roll-off bins, including paint, chemicals, and petroleum products. Please contact our team to make a booking or find out more.

Forklift bins

Also known as forklift tipping bins, forklift bins are an efficient solution for non-ferrous materials and other scrap metals. From waste materials to construction and warehouse management, these compact bins can be manually transported around your workplace with ease.

Forklift bins are used by:

  • Builders and construction sites
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Demolition sites
  • Waste handling projects
  • Farms and agricultural operations
  • Diverse commercial ventures

The following scrap metal items are ideal for forklift bins:

  • Aluminium cuttings, sheets and plates
  • Brass materials, including turnings
  • Copper solids and tubing
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Stainless steel, steel turnings
  • Industrial PVC cables
  • Zinc castings and turnings
  • Industrial and commercial waste

Forklift bins are often used for non-ferrous materials, but they can be used for all types of scrap metal. From manufacturing and warehousing applications to waste management and demolition projects, our forklift bins are compact, efficient and easy to transport. Certain materials such as paints, chemicals, and medical waste cannot be deposited in these containers. Please contact our team to make a booking or learn more.

Safely dispose of your scrap metal with our scrap metal bins today!

Whatever type of scrap metal bin you need, Trading Metals delivers it to your door free of charge. We have hundreds of bins in all sizes, a great team of reliable drivers, and the best prices for scrap metal in Adelaide. Make a booking today or contact our team at 8359 0147.

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