Trading Metals buy Scrap Metal

At Trading Metals we pay the highest prices for the scrap metals below. All of these items can be brought directly in to our yard at Dry Creek or we can arrange to have them picked up from your home or business. Please remember that if you are a business owner/manager, we can offer to supply you bins of all sizes free of charge and change them over as and when needed.

Aluminium extrusion
Aluminium cuttings, sheet, and plate
Aluminium castings
Aluminium lithographic plates
Aluminium wire - clean and ACSR steel reinforced
Aluminium - dirty, iron contaminated

Batteries - car and truck

Brass including all grades i.e. 70/30, 60/40, gilding metal
Brass turnings
Brass - dirty, iron contaminated

Bronze including aluminium bronze and manganese bronze
Bronze turnings

Catalytic converters - all types

Copper tube or bar, clean, painted, or tinned
Copper wire
Copper dirty - iron contaminated

Electric motors - household size
Electric motors - industrial, welders, AC and DC
Electric motors - mining generators
Electric motors - fridge motors and condensers


Gunmetal turnings

Lead - sheet, pipe, ingot, wheel weights

Nickel - all types including alloys

PVC cables - copper core and aluminium core
PVC cables - armoured
PVC cables - high grade industrial
PVC cables - underground
PVC cables - communication, data and drop-wire

Radiators - copper, aluminium, and copper and aluminium

Stainless Steel - all grades

Steel - all grades

Tin - all types

Transformers - aluminium and copper cores

Tungsten drill bits

Zinc - diecast, shoe moulds, castings, turnings
Zinc - dirty, iron contaminated